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We have the construction experience, the materials expertise, and the design capability, to build grand prix level racing sails. Borderlaw, a 44' Camper/Nicholson won her division in the 2000 Newport to Bermuda Race with fast Pope triradial genoas and mainsail. We will have a number of boats in this years Marion/Bermuda race flying our sails. Recent racing sails have been built for a J-35, J-42, Ranger 26, Pearson Vanguard, Morris 36, Sabre 34, Farr 41, our own Tartan Ten, and many others.

In one designs we supply the local sailing school with Opti sails. We have probably the fastest AP "DN" ice boat sail available. We took second in the 2001 New England Championships and second in the Maine State Championships. We will only build competitive one design sails in those classes that we race in, however we can build durable, well made practice/daysailing sails for any boat.

The lion's share of our customers are cruising sailors. The word "cruising" covers a wide range of sailing styles from day sailors to circumnavigators and we serve the entire spectrum. We often get postcards or e-mails from customers in the Azores or Panama or Florida. Sails built for coastal cruising benefit from lessons learned by our long legged customers as well as the sails we have on various "windjammers" here on Penobscot Bay. Rockland is a destination for foreign cruising boats and we take care of their needs when they are here. This exposes us to the ideas of sailmakers from around the world and we get to see the impact of serious offshore sailing on sails and rigs. This too benefits our local customers. We are continually making improvements to batten pocket designs, genoa leechline adjusters, mainsail luff hardware, and the like, based on what we see, and experience, that works.

We have worked closely with the builders of three different Farrier trimarans and a couple of other tris and cats ranging in length from 16' to 46'. We supply all of the sails found on new Maine Cat 30's and 41's, mains, jibs, asymmetrical spinnakers, and screachers. We can match material choices and construction techniques to any multihull project.

Most of the sailcloth used here comes from Dimension/Polyant. Certain specialty cruising materials and some technical spinnaker materials come from Contender and Bainbridge. Dimension/Polyant is the unquestioned leader in laminated sailcloth and their weaving technology produces Dacron styles that are more consistent in spec, and flatter, than anything else available.

All design work and plotting are done here on site using a wonderful software/hardware package from New Zealand called Prosail. Since the software and hardware are produced by the same company there are no compatibility problems. The package has worked flawlessly since the day it was plugged in. We get regular updates as refinements are made and as new features are added.

I hope this outline has been interesting and has answered your questions about our capabilities. We love to talk about boats and sailing and are more than happy to discuss our products. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.


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